The iPad is a Giant iPhone

As I watched Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveal the iPad yesterday, I felt like I was watching a parody straight out of College Humor. He used words like "magical" and "revolutionary" to announce something that, stripped of such hyperbole, looks patently ridiculous: a giant iPhone.Click here to continue reading "The iPad is a Giant iPhone"...

The iPad is a Giant iPhone

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45 Comments (with 15 Conversations) on “The iPad is a Giant iPhone”
  1. errosxbox360 says:

    Haha, first photo is awesome, is it real, though?
    Yeah I too feel that iPad was not very good idea, though they still make a lot of money with it! And Apple probably don’t care about people that much 🙂
    Lol, first advertisement is killer! That first man looks a bit “slow”, no wonder it exceeds his abilities to understand 😀

  2. Texas says:

    Great post!

    I fully agree – how on earth can Apple possibly say that it is revolutionery?

    I think they are in for a massive surprise when they realise that people prefer the Iphone to the Ipad!

  3. I am not going to buy iPad. What is the use of buying it. It lacks so many features like Multitasking, Camera & Flash. I don’t know why people would prefer iPad to iPhone…

  4. Fictitious Person says:

    You shouldn’t make excuses for apple.
    The iPhone sets the standards for crappy phones, but phones don’t have to actually BE like that.

    Hardware limitations is meaningless… phones are more likely to follow a “computer based architecture” thereby allowing the avenue for reprogramming. The iPhone intentionally tries to prevent this from happening, but there is no reason that the “vision” of the Palm Pre shouldn’t be implemented.

    (If you’d recall, the Palm Pre runs off of a linux kernel which can be accessed by an easily obtained hack. The limitations of “being a cellphone” are removed, exposing Apple for the sham they are.

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