The iPad is a Giant iPhone

A Vision of Restriction

More worrying than the stupidity represented by the iPad, is what it reveals about Apple’s technological vision. Due to their limited hardware capabilities, monofunctional origins, and geographically fragmented evolution, cellphones are among the most restrictive platforms in all of information technology. The iPhone is a cellphone, so most people came to accept its restrictions as somewhat par for the course.

Up to this point, most other platforms were different. Desktops, servers, laptops, tablets, netbooks — we all expected a greater degree of flexibility from those platforms. Suddenly, here comes Apple with its iPad, trying to convince people that tablets should be as restrictive as cellphones despite their increased hardware capabilities.

Imposing the restrictions of smaller hardware onto larger hardware sets a very, very dangerous precedent. Apple just launched a tablet that’s completely locked into its iTunes store, its iTunes app store, and its new iBooks store — just like the smaller iPhone before it. Next thing you know, you’ll be working at an Apple desktop that’s completely locked into those same stores — just like the smaller iPad before it.

Before you know it, the proprietary lock-ins of the cellphone industry will infect every major computing platform. You’ll be living in an iWorld where every computing device runs only Apple-approved apps and plays only Apple-approved media.

Don’t think you’ll be safe just because you don’t buy Apple products. Envious of the iWorld’s seamless profit machine, Apple’s competitors will follow suit. Just look at how Nokia brutally killed its thriving developer community in response to the iTunes app store.

A Rare Moment of Clarity

Fortunately, judging from reactions throughout the tech blogosphere and Twittersphere, people are quick to understand the ridiculousness of this oversized iPhone. Tech pundits are calling it everything from the iFail to the iDon’tCare to the MaxiPad. Apparently, Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field can only obscure so much absurdity before it finally breaks down.

Let’s hope this rare moment of clarity continues until the iPad hits the streets at the end of March. Then maybe, just maybe, Apple will give up its insane push to impose a locked-in cellphone OS on ever-larger devices.

(Photo via G.O.B.)

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45 Comments (with 15 Conversations) on “The iPad is a Giant iPhone”
  1. sakisgalan says:

    i like ipad! thank to accept my post.

  2. Razor Caster says:

    You really made me curious about this ipad thing, it really is an evoloution of the iphone
    I was thinking of getting an iphone but now i disregarded this idea and will keep my phone and get an iPad.

    razor caster

  3. I haven’t jumped on the iPad bandwagon either, but a helluva lot of other folks have. Guess Mr. Jobs has the pulse of the public better than most of the techno geeks of the world do. And lots of folks are following his lead by designing pages without flash. At least most of the photographers I know, realize they need to get rid of flash on their sites if they want the whole world to be able to see their portfolios. Pretty soon flash may be a thing of the past.

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