The iPad is a Giant iPhone

Apple CEO Steve JobsBy now, you’ve already heard about Apple’s new tablet device, the iPad. You know it’ll run the iPhone OS, it’ll have a 9.7 inch multitouch LCD screen, it’ll have a ten-hour battery life, and it’ll cost $499 up. Like the iPhone, it’ll be locked into the iTunes app store, and it won’t support Adobe Flash. Unlike the iPhone, it has no camera. You can check out Apple’s iPad product page for the rest of the specs.

As I watched Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveal the iPad yesterday, I felt like I was watching a parody video straight out of College Humor. He used words like “magical” and “revolutionary” to announce something that, stripped of such hyperbole, looks patently ridiculous: a giant iPhone. What’s more, this larger device actually lacks the camera of its smaller twin. Click here to continue reading “The iPad is a Giant iPhone”…

Nokia Unveils New Multitouch Phone?

Nokia Multitouch

A presentation slide from Nokia Capital Markets Day shows something we’ve never seen from Nokia before: a new gesture-based multitouchscreen-only S60 handset interface emphasizing aesthetics. Of course, it could all just be a pretty mockup to impress investors, but it could also reveal Nokia’s new interface direction. Click here to continue reading “Nokia Unveils New Multitouch Phone?”…