Cellphones Getting Flash 10 in 2010 – Except iPhone

iPhone Versus Stone

Hey Apple fanboys, here’s another reason your oh-so-pretty iPhones suck. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress today, Adobe announced that Flash Player 10 would come to most smartphones in 2010. That includes handsets running Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, and Palm webOS.

Flash Player 10 is the browser plugin powering many of the Web’s richest multimedia experiences, from Flickr slideshows to YouTube videos. Forty percent of all smartphones already ship with Flash Lite; Flash 10 would put the full monty in your pocket.

What’s not on the list of phones getting Flash 10 in 2010? The Apple iPhone.

“We would love to see it on the iPhone, too,” said Anup Murarka, director of Technology Strategy and Partner Development for Adobe. “But it’s Apple’s decision on when and how they support any new technology. So we will continue to work on it.”

Read that again: “it’s Apple’s decision on when and how they support any new technology.” As usual, the bottleneck is at Apple.

Of course, Apple cultists have grown so attached to their closed ecosystem that they will fight to defend it. Expect them to bash Flash in retaliation.

(Via Marguerite Reardon. Chart via Teniescu.)

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  1. Trevor Bryant says:

    I’m pretty sure I just established for you that it wasn’t what is referred to as a false dilemma considering you’re already previously mentioned, one track minded approach in the first place.

    Knowledge actually consists of knowing what you’re talking about which your article and all of your pitiful attempts of responding have confirmed you lack.

    I’m not responding to your next attempt at razzing me up as it’s obvious to me now that you have the intelligence and ability to follow a conversation with that of a 12 year old.
    Go ahead – Have the last say – I’ve proven my point, the question is did you prove yours?

    P.S. How much did you pay those ugly tramps to take a photo with you? Lets all hope it was just the change in your back pocket hey…

    Over and Out….

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