Alodia’s Fantasy: Geek Girl in Charge

One of the keys to a geek idol’s appeal is her uniqueness. People don’t want to see her as just another pretty face, just another cookie-cutter starlet. People want to see what’s going on inside that crazy, quirky, geeky mind of hers. That’s why Japanese cosplay idol Shoko Nakagawa is the blog queen of Japan: people actually want to witness her geeky antics online.

Too many mainstream producers can’t comprehend that. Too many mainstream producers neither understand nor tolerate a geek idol’s geekiness. Too many mainstream producers try to take a geek idol and turn her into something safe, something kosher, something their limited imaginations can handle. It happened to Shoko early in her career, when she was initially cast as just another bikini idol.

Avoiding the Starlet Trap

“Acting like everyone else is boring. If I just can stay true to myself, I know I can do anything.”Haruhi Suzumiya, Bouken Desho Desho? (English version by Cristina Vee).

By and large, cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao has managed to avoid the cookie-cutter starlet trap. Her hosting gig with Animax highlights her anime geekiness, even letting her blog about it on Animax’s site. Her endorsement deal with the Japanese online game TinierMe gave her gamer geekiness full expression, even letting her design a completely original game character from scratch. Her ad campaign with Globe Telecom focuses completely on her cosplay geekiness, successfully highlighting that a girl who posts a lot of cosplay pictures could use Globe’s broadband service.

If people want to see a geek idol’s geekiness, then why not give her geekiness full expression? Why not give her complete creative control?

That’s exactly the idea behind Alodia’s new show.

Alodia's Fantasy

Alodia’s Fantasy

Flippish, the premiere online video production studio in the Philippines, has teamed up with Alodia to produce Alodia’s Fantasy. The show promises to showcase the best of Filipino cosplay talent.

As the title implies, Alodia has complete creative control over this two-hour special. This won’t be some watered-down mainstream media feature on cosplayers, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator by lazy producers who don’t care enough about these cosplay geeks to do any research about the art and its accompanying culture. This cosplay showcase will spring from the mind of the cosplay goddess herself. This will truly be Alodia’s fantasy.

Reversing the Pattern

Reversing a pattern too often seen in mainstream media, Alodia won’t play some token cosplay geek girl curiosity. Alodia and her fellow cosplayers won’t be forced to serve as sideshow attractions for more mainstream performers. In Alodia’s Fantasy, Alodia and her fellow cosplayers truly take center stage.

Amazing things happen when you unleash your inner geek. Even more amazing things happen when you put the geek in charge. Alodia’s Fantasy premieres on October 22, 8pm Manila time (UTC+8). Register at Flippish to witness a cosplay showcase conceived and produced by a real cosplayer at the top of her game.

Cosplayers in Alodia's Fantasy

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