The iPad is a Giant iPhone

As I watched Apple CEO Steve Jobs reveal the iPad yesterday, I felt like I was watching a parody straight out of College Humor. He used words like "magical" and "revolutionary" to announce something that, stripped of such hyperbole, looks patently ridiculous: a giant iPhone.Click here to continue reading "The iPad is a Giant iPhone"...

The iPad is a Giant iPhone

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45 Comments (with 15 Conversations) on “The iPad is a Giant iPhone”
  1. Just me says:

    “one of its biggest features” … I think your post is utterly inadequate. You can babble as much as you want but this device will be a revolutionary one.

  2. Kui-N says:

    The iPad is a complete joke…I laugh in the face of whoever buys this thing. :S It’s a pathetic excuse for a,well…I’m not even sure what it’s meant to be called.Rofl.

    Apple was on crack when they made it. :3

  3. Ichiro Ino says:


    iPad just sounds ridiculous!

    Think of the Bisayans!


    Hey, ay gat an ayPad


    Waw, dats reli beg! May ayPad is reli ismol.


    Hey Joe! Lok at may ayPad!


    Let me see…
    Oh! That’s not an iPad…
    That’s an iPod…

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Yeah, the name sucks. It sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

      In fact, that’s exactly what the iPad was in this 2005 Mad TV sketch.

      “Please don’t make us explain how it works,” indeed. After all, as Steve Jobs says, it’s “magical”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Anon says:

    More like a giant iPod Touch since it cant make calls and it has no cameras. Its like a giant iPod Touch with 3G.

    Also, its too early to tell. No one thought that iPod and iTunes would be as big as they are today.

    People laughed when Steve launched the iPod and thought no one would buy it. People laughed at the iTunes store saying no one would buy music online since it can be downloaded for free. But those two names are the biggest in their fields today.

    I am not pro-Apple. In fact, I hate how expensive Macs are. Its just that its really too early to judge iPad now.

    I think you’re just jumping in on the “iPad-sucks” bandwagon.

  5. Mike Abundo says:

    As predicted, Apple wants to port their restrictive smartphone OS onto bigger and bigger devices. In fact, they’re hiring an engineering manager to do exactly that.

    Of course, grandmothers and Apple fanboys can go ahead and use desktops that donโ€™t multitask. Whatโ€™s worrying is that the rest of the industry could follow suit. Before you know it, all our desktops and laptops will be as locked-down as our smartphones.

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