Apple 1984 Mac Ad Remade with Steve Jobs as Dictator

Remember Apple’s 1984 Macintosh commercial, which portrayed Apple as a rebel brand shattering technological conformity? Twenty-five years later, the tables have turned. Now Apple is the tyrant, enforcing technological conformity by locking iTunes out to anything but iPhones and iPods.

A startup named doubleTwist plans to change all that, by making software that lets you connect to iTunes using non-Apple devices. Their first ad features a remake of Apple’s 1984 ad, but with a twist. Now Steve Jobs is the evil dictator, and the enslaved masses wear iPod earbuds.

This parody is a stroke of pure genius. There’s probably no clearer way to dramatize how Apple has betrayed the rebellious ideals of its foundation.

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6 Comments (with 3 Conversations) on “Apple 1984 Mac Ad Remade with Steve Jobs as Dictator”
  1. Wow. I like your banner dude. Such a stud!

  2. Romeo says:

    Mac haters (myself included) would want to see a commercial showing just how much a non-gamer friendly Apple is. Or a commercials showing why Apple platforms don’t get viruses/ trojans (Because hackers won’t bother making viruses recognized by Mac).


  3. Orcinus says:

    It’s funny how Apple likes to position itself as some sort of hip underdog to the corporate monster that is Microsoft.

    But they’re all tyrants, ironically. That’s marketing for you.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      Pot calling kettle. 😉

      It’s not just about the tyranny, either. As you can see in this clip from Pirates of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs accused Bill Gates of stealing from him — when in fact, they both stole from Xerox. That’s “innovation” for you. 😛

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