Steve Jobs is Gambling with Your Life

Steve Jobs as Osama Bin Laden

Never mind that Mac Pros emit toxic benzene fumes that could give you leukemia. What infuriates me is Apple’s outright refusal to address this longstanding issue. Apple is infamous for whitewashing away customer concerns to maintain Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field — but now, they’re actually gambling with their customers’ lives.

The problem is that I could very well own one of those toxic Mac Pro and never know about it, with Apple never issuing a Mac Pro recall to prevent serious health problems. Considering the problem exists for more than a year, some people have been knowingly exposed to toxins, and if some of them ever develop a blood cancer it will not be before some years, and Apple will silently get out of this problem.

Even more appalling is how Mac fanboys will inevitably rush to Apple’s defense here. They don’t mind letting a few people die of leukemia to preserve their precious Cult of Mac.

It’s times like these that make me glad I’m a PC.

(Photo via Adam Frucci.)

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  1. Heh heh, brilliant. It’s definitely time to see past the Steve Jobs Delusion. As I said in this piece for British news magazine The New Statesman:

    Keep up the goood work,

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