Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Erika Tapalla interviews Filipina otaku queen Alodia Gosiengfiao on some of her geeky passions: toys, social media, and cosplay. Alodia’s haters even get special mention.

It’s hard to believe a girl this pretty spends her Saturday nights bloghopping instead of clubhopping, surrounded by toys instead of boys. Welcome to the new world of geek chic. Watch Alodia cosplay anime heroine Haruhi Suzumiya at the end of the interview.

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107 Comments (with 20 Conversations) on “Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay”
  1. ManongKaningbaboy says:

    Ang saya pala dito… Hi mami, am I on tibi? Wers da kamera?

    Hus alodia? Anong meron?

  2. Aoi says:

    OH WOWS 8D I had fun reading comments, but I really think you should leave her personal life. It’s between Alodia and …

  3. Rocky says:

    rocky is in a happy place upon hearing mike’s comments.

  4. rifleman17 says:

    Wow! This discussion is getting out of hand! I don’t think this is the proper forum or place to talk about these things…

    Blog owner, you are enjoying this aren’t you?!? The sudden burst of traffic in your blog and the many trigger-happy commenters you have tracking this topic probably has you in a state of ecstasy right now! If you have any decency you would’ve cut the topic after the first off topic comment, but no…. instead you wait around milking the controversy as much as it is worth nevermind Alodia’s reputation going through the mud in the process. And I thought you were her friend…..

    @Anonymous – I do not know any of you personally, but this has to stop. The internet forum/comment generation has created a sense of non-accountability among its people. Own up to what you are saying! If you really are a friend of the hurt party, then discuss this with him and do the approriate action. Not hiding behind an internet persona, throwing up in front of an easy target. There are more civilized ways of handling this.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I’m her friend, not her publicist. Alodia is as free to comment here as anyone else.

      • rifleman17 says:

        If by “free” you mean that people can openly comment pervertedly about her and lambast her morality (issue may betrue or not) then you are not a “friend” sir. Own up to what you are doing and admit that you are riding the Alodia vehicle and getting as much from it as you can. Don’t consider her as your “friend”, you are media, a tabloid that shows admiration and awe to her and her works (mostly to her body) without an inch of respect.

        How do I know?

        “Jepoy says:
        December 22, 2008 at 3:43 am

        I love your readers mike… :~)

        Mike Abundo says:
        December 22, 2008 at 9:58 am

        So do I, Jepoy. So do I. 🙂 ”

        Ooohhh… you are a great “friend”. Someone attacks your “friend” and you enjoy it ceaselessly.

  5. rifleman17 says:

    Yes I’m not a blogger. And my internet persona is minimal. But if times has mutated bloggers into becoming like you, then all “good” bloggers should take offense.

    Besides, you have already contradicted yourself. Are you saying you don’t “love” your “friend” because you “love” the inapproriate comments of your “readers” Fail dude. Fail.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I don’t always agree with my commenters, but I love my readers. They — you — are the reason I blog.

      • rifleman17 says:


        Now you are quick on the reply button when it is – [i]you[/i] – whose character is being questioned. That goes a long way…. you have helped my argument a lot!

        Again this is your blog. If Pacquaio dies in the US, all Filipinos will hate the US. Same thing here… epic fail….

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