Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Erika Tapalla interviews Filipina otaku queen Alodia Gosiengfiao on some of her geeky passions: toys, social media, and cosplay. Alodia’s haters even get special mention. It’s hard to believe a girl this pretty spends her Saturday nights bloghopping instead of clubhopping, surrounded by toys instead of boys. Welcome to the new […]Click here to continue reading "Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay"...

Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

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107 Comments (with 20 Conversations) on “Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay”
  1. jepoy says:

    I love your readers mike… :~)

  2. Dr. says:

    TO:LegioLiquidus and 35 year old DOM

    Your minds are sick. Have you heard of the word “SHRINK”? My unsolicited advise go consult one. If you don’t comprehend the term go to Wikipedia.
    For your info, Alodia does not need to be banged by anybody just so she could go overseasto attne cons..She could well afford it. In fact she is well-travelled. Your insinuation of her wanting to be banged as payment for attending cons abroad is and idea of “SICKOS”. I presume if you were in her place you would o for the “BANG”, right? Now you both go and make an appointment to see the “SHRINK” ASAP…HEHEHE!

  3. s3KshUn 8 says:

    `/0(_) (0(_)1|)I\I’T |-|@\/3 $@1|) 1T |3#3TT3|2. \/\/|-|0’$ (_)p |=0|2 $0I\/I3 P(_)|3I_1( 3X3((_)t10|\|1|\|9?

    @|\|9 1 0|= 90(_) G(_)9$ 3\/3|2 G0T \/1$1t3|) |39 P@|3|_0 |3@|\|1|_@???
    |)@|\/||\| T#@t p#@gg0t 1$ @|\||\|091nG!!!

  4. knight says:


    below the belt na ang usapan dito…

    if we respect her. lets not do this to her.

    let us give credit for all her efforts in cosplay.


    lest, we would want to be called… maniacs, tsismoso, o bastos.

    wag naman.. mga sir.

    at doon sa naunang nagsalita dito nang kung ano ano…

    may nanay at kapatid ka din na babae di ba?…

    kung nanay natin o kapatid natin ang pagusapan ng ganito? ano mararamdaman natin?

    so let us not do this to her din.. pangit eh.


    merry xmas to all!

  5. Anonymous says:

    A white knight appears!

    • s3KshUn 8 says:

      @|\||) #3’$ 0(_)T 2 93T 90(_)! |3\/\/@#@#@#@#@~!!!
      #3 |\/|@9 |33 t#3 #0|_|)3|2 0|= +#3 \/\/#1+3 |<1|\|9’S |3|_@|)3! |2(_)|\| 4 90(_)|2 |_1|=3. @|\|0|\|!!!

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