Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Erika Tapalla interviews Filipina otaku queen Alodia Gosiengfiao on some of her geeky passions: toys, social media, and cosplay. Alodia’s haters even get special mention.

It’s hard to believe a girl this pretty spends her Saturday nights bloghopping instead of clubhopping, surrounded by toys instead of boys. Welcome to the new world of geek chic. Watch Alodia cosplay anime heroine Haruhi Suzumiya at the end of the interview.

Newspapers Should Link

One of the complaints I hear from Philippine entrepreneurs is that Philippine newspapers often fail to link to their businesses. Hell, sometimes they won’t even publish URLs. It’s as if Philippine newspapermen still deny the existence of the Web.

The New York TimesWhen even the New York Times, the gray old lady of newspapers, notes the rise of outbound links on newspaper sites, even the stodgiest newsroom dinosaur should know that times are changing.

This is why I like the Philippine Daily Inquirer: they link. Mere dead tree coverage doesn’t have the assumed value it once had. If a newspaper won’t link to relevant resources on their site, then its value to you is diminished fivefold. If a newspaper won’t link to your business on their site, then its value to your business is diminished tenfold.