Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Erika Tapalla interviews Filipina otaku queen Alodia Gosiengfiao on some of her geeky passions: toys, social media, and cosplay. Alodia’s haters even get special mention. It’s hard to believe a girl this pretty spends her Saturday nights bloghopping instead of clubhopping, surrounded by toys instead of boys. Welcome to the new […]Click here to continue reading "Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay"...

Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay

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107 Comments (with 20 Conversations) on “Alodia on Toys, Social Media, and Cosplay”
  1. Troy bolton says:

    We’re breaking free

  2. hoy anonymous! kaw pala yun ha! hehehe

    bading ka! aminin…. kilala ko nagkulay ng buhok mo! hot pink pa ang gusto mo ha! astig… hahahaha

    kung talagang matapang ka… papawis nalang kayo ng boy toy ni alodia!

    sparmate yan ng barkada ko sa gym… malaman mo san ka lulugar etong bagong taon!… (bawal ang sampal at sabunot ha. hahaha)

    hindi pera ang habol ni alodia sa kanya… katawan pede pa! hahahahaha

    • LegioLiquidus says:

      Er katawan? Pwede rin. Medyo out there ang idea but….malay natin…

      Since Alodia can date a 35 year old guy after insisting in practically all her sites that she won’t go into a relationship until she’s older, then I’d say everything is possible.

      But yeah, it’s her choice. Nothing we can do about it.

      Heck, if she wants to get banged as payment for going to Cons overseas then it’s none of our goddamned business.

    • LegioLiquidus says:

      @N. Bading

      Hay naku! Nag-point ka pa ng bading eh ikaw din naman BADING!


  3. s3KshUn 8 says:

    @ 35-y3@r 01I) I)0I\/I
    00#, (0I\/II\/I@I\II)1I\I9 pr3$3I\I(3~! @$t191I\I! $@1(_)I)0 p0 @I<0 $@ !I\I90!

    G3T @ L1F3, f@990t. 0r, 1t W0(_)1d $33I\/I t#@t 1 |-|@\/3 @|\|0t#3r t09 t0 |33@t (_)p. \/\/0(_)II) 90(_) (|-|00$3 $@f3t9 |39 r(_)|\||\|1|\|9 @\/\/@9 0r f@(3 |\/|9 d3(r33 @$ “King”, \/\/#1(|-| 1$ I)3@t|-|. (|-|00$3 \/\/1$3L9…

  4. @LegioLiquidus

    The LIQUID I knew will never say these sorts of things. Seems like it isn’t me who has changed but you.

    Watch your words, old friend. They make me SICK.

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