Lineage II SEA Details

Philippine game publisher AsianMedia releases more details on their upcoming Lineage II Southeast Asian service:

  • The monthly subscription fee for Lineage II in Southeast Asia will be lower than $15, payable via prepaid card.
  • The Lineage II Southeast Asian service is set to launch in July, simultaneously in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • AsianMedia will pump another few million dollars into Lineage II servers dedicated to all three countries.
  • AsianMedia seeks Malaysian distributors for Lineage II.

Good to know gamers across Southeast Asia will now be playing two top-tier MMORPGs from Philippine publishers, the other being Mobius’ EVE Online.

(Via John Cuneta.)

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25 Comments on “Lineage II SEA Details”
  1. Hi,

    I need wish LINEAGE 2 PHILIPPINES for it players online.

    server online:
    1.Luzon server
    2.Visayas server
    3.Mindanao server
    4.Test1 server
    5.Test2 server
    6.Test3 server
    7.International server

    Let it play enjoy!!!

    add send ok!

    thank you!!!

  2. BattleSotong says:

    wat is that? priv server?

  3. wormy says:

    hello, im a filipino and an avid fan of lineage2 ever since its open beta, i played korean and taiwanese open beta before, and lotsa private servers including l2extreme. NCsoft knows about extreme server. anyways, i left those lame private servers coz of massive donations , it makes the game imbalance, i just wanna know the Estimated time of launching ;p, and i also wanna know if its Bot free!!!

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    I’m giving away closed beta invitations. Click here to get yours! 🙂

  5. SilentFury says:

    i think its better if all players in l2 SEA will play in 1 server only. i hope AMDG will invite more country in SEA.

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