Lineage II SEA Details

Philippine game publisher AsianMedia releases more details on their upcoming Lineage II Southeast Asian service:

  • The monthly subscription fee for Lineage II in Southeast Asia will be lower than $15, payable via prepaid card.
  • The Lineage II Southeast Asian service is set to launch in July, simultaneously in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • AsianMedia will pump another few million dollars into Lineage II servers dedicated to all three countries.
  • AsianMedia seeks Malaysian distributors for Lineage II.

Good to know gamers across Southeast Asia will now be playing two top-tier MMORPGs from Philippine publishers, the other being Mobius’ EVE Online.

(Via John Cuneta.)

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25 Comments on “Lineage II SEA Details”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I really hope that Asianmedia will do some advertising in singapore, most people don’t even know the game is coming to SEA. I heard that the game will launch in July, but won’t it be a bit late to promote it only after the launch? Right now there is another MMORPG that is showing tv advertisments and a official website with forum for people to ask questions. I had been to Asianmedia website and was fairly disappointed that their latest announcement was only obtaining the license from korea and thats it, no forum, no lineage2SEA website. Quite bad on the promotion/Sale department if they really want to make it a hit in SEA.

  2. Keouge says:

    yeah ur right dude been checking the AMDG website and still no update about the coming CBT for L2, not even a official website yet. but some how i manage to email them and they might start making commercial 2nd week of june together w/ the close beta test

  3. Niyebe says:


    I know we are all excited with Lineage II – South-East Asia. A little more patience friends, just a little more. ^_^

  4. Chloe Wintercloud says:

    ~yes im so excited! and i just cant hide it….~

  5. BattleSotong says:

    same here! so excited!!!

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