Lineage II SEA Details

Philippine game publisher AsianMedia releases more details on their upcoming Lineage II Southeast Asian service:

  • The monthly subscription fee for Lineage II in Southeast Asia will be lower than $15, payable via prepaid card.
  • The Lineage II Southeast Asian service is set to launch in July, simultaneously in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • AsianMedia will pump another few million dollars into Lineage II servers dedicated to all three countries.
  • AsianMedia seeks Malaysian distributors for Lineage II.

Good to know gamers across Southeast Asia will now be playing two top-tier MMORPGs from Philippine publishers, the other being Mobius’ EVE Online.

(Via John Cuneta.)

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25 Comments on “Lineage II SEA Details”
  1. Thanks!!

    “Good to know gamers across Southeast Asia will now be playing two top-tier MMORPGs from Philippine publishers”

    hehe, without the “from Philippine publishers” it sounds like.. ehemm.. and ehemm… are.. nevmind, you know what I mean :p Are they… really? :p


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, I’m a Singaporean, and I played L2 from open-beta prelude till somewhere between C2/C3. A quick question, will L2SEA have its own, separate servers from the North American ones? If so, what happens to those accounts like mine which were created for the NA servers, but whose owners come from SEA? I mean, if I see the game picking up in popularity locally, I might want to return, but on the SEA servers instead. Would a service be offered to allowed transfer of old accounts like mine?

  3. Anonymous says:

    NCsoft, just like Blizzard, do not allow migration of accounts from one server to another. The reason mainly is economic stability and fairness. Migration done by other online games, example Mu Online Philippines, only showed how bad the migration idea is, to the point that the game can actually fail because of it.

    It is also to the gamer’s advantage that everyone start anew, making the game fairer for all and the economy balance. Last but not the least, the SEA Lineage 2 server will get the Korean version translated into English, which is better and full-featured than the US version.

    – Anonymous

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good day, I have a account with PlayNC which manages my L2 account, Question: Will I need to repurchase the game again or my current account with PlayNC will allow me to transfer to SEA side?

  5. Anonymous says:

    the game installer will be distributed for free, there is no information yet if they will allow account migration, but knowing NCsoft as the company that Blizzard copied, I doubt they will allow account migration.

    regardless, the game will be very cheap and with a free installer, in my view it is more than enough to reroll, dont you think?

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