Lineage II SEA Closed Beta Invitations!

Lineage II

AsianMedia has given me fifty (50) invitations for the Lineage II Southeast Asia closed beta test. If you want an invitation, comment on this post with your full name and valid email address, and tell me why you want to play Lineage II. The fifty best verified comments from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore will earn an invitation. Deadline for submission of entries is on 30 June 2007, 11:59:59pm GMT+8. Limit one invitation per commenter.

If I think your comment might make the magic fifty, I’ll send you an email verifying your city and mobile number, so watch your inbox. Note that you don’t have to publicly post your email address in the comment text; just put it in the “Mail (will not be published)” box, and I’ll see it privately. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential. Okay, people, tell me why you want to play Lineage II.

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100 Comments on “Lineage II SEA Closed Beta Invitations!”
  1. chromedome says:


    CBT has ended. OBT will start on August 1. You don’t need a code to join. just register on L2 SEA’s site. The registration page is still down though.
    L2 SEA’s site:

  2. Silverbox says:

    Dear Mike,

    First of all i’ve gotta be honest with you, i really dont have a deep experience with L2, I actually heard this game or seen on tv and havent really thought of trying it.. But eversince I saw the game since realeased, I thought i might try it.. And when i wanted to sign up for it, there I realized that it was only invitational..

    Let me tell you about myself why i should get a closed-beta-invitation.. First, Im very dedicated when it comes to online games since I own an internet cafe.. I’m Still Playing Rf online, I have a personal pilot for my WOW account, and im currently near max lvl in Granado Espada..

    I’m really Hoping to get an invitation for I myself fell in love with the game.. And im really anxious to try it.. Thank you very much.. Hoping to see you all in Game..

  3. Ferio62182 says:

    The reason I started playing video games in the first place is becuase of RPGs; classic, adventure, action rpg. As long as a game has rpg elements in them Im always interested of trying them out and then later getting addicted to it until I can find every secret and the best set up for my player character. Its just fun which games in general should be, its all about the fun.

  4. Adrian says:

    This game is probably one of the most immersive games ive seen. Graphics , gameplay and the way the entire game is was practically beautiful. Dont really think my reason is one of the best but ima hope i’ll get an invite =]

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