Lineage II SEA Details

Philippine game publisher AsianMedia releases more details on their upcoming Lineage II Southeast Asian service:

  • The monthly subscription fee for Lineage II in Southeast Asia will be lower than $15, payable via prepaid card.
  • The Lineage II Southeast Asian service is set to launch in July, simultaneously in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.
  • AsianMedia will pump another few million dollars into Lineage II servers dedicated to all three countries.
  • AsianMedia seeks Malaysian distributors for Lineage II.

Good to know gamers across Southeast Asia will now be playing two top-tier MMORPGs from Philippine publishers, the other being Mobius’ EVE Online.

(Via John Cuneta.)

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25 Comments on “Lineage II SEA Details”
  1. Anonymous (the first one) says:

    That is what I meant when I said transfer of old account, I didn’t mean transfer of old characters as that is clearly unbalanced (imagine running a level 60 Swordsinger when everybody just started at level 1).

    I think those like me will have to make a new account since it looks like we won’t be registering our CD keys through PlayNC…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, there is no need to buy another box as the southeast asian server will not require it. Are you from where? Singaporeans and Malaysians are highly waiting this game, the Filipinos are almost ignoring this game which happens to be the undisputed #1 MMOG in Korea.

  3. ikam says:

    There is a active private server in singapore you need to shut tat illegal server before launching i guess… do drop me a mail i give more detail… hate those private server….

  4. AbyssWalker says:

    will this new server 100% bot free ?

  5. Keouge says:

    u said “Filipinos are almost ignoring this game” i disagree most of us here is excited to play this game knowing that they will start it in interlude

    and most of my friends who are playing L2 private server already quit, their reason…it would be much more cool to play w/ pinoys and other asian peps

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