Happy Wintersday 2007!

I might have to skip a few Christmas parties on Earth, but I’ll be sure to attend the Holiday celebrations on Tyria. Happy Wintersday to all Guild Wars players. This is the first Wintersday with Eye of the North, so I can’t wait to run the new festival quests in the (previously) Secret Lair of […]Click here to continue reading "Happy Wintersday 2007!"...

Happy Wintersday 2007!

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7 Comments on “Happy Wintersday 2007!”
  1. Sef says:

    Happy wintersday to you too! in spite of the busy schedule this Christmas season, i will always have time to play GW, especially during the Wintersday event. Fun quests, redecorated towns, players in festive moods and the promise of new festival hats keeps me logging into the game throughout the holidays. I also intend to get rich by farming singed gargoyle skulls hehehe.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    That’s the beauty of Guild Wars, Sef. Thanks to its highly modular design, your sessions can be as short or as long as you like. It’s the MMORPG for busy people.

    Dwayna be with you this Wintersday!

  3. exia00 says:

    My computer stopped working right around dec. 14 and i hadnt had a chance to get it fixed.. missed out on wintersday 🙁 did I miss out on a lot?

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    Fortunately, Exia, you can still get the 2007 Wintersday festival hats from any Festival Hat Maker up to January 8, 12nn GMT -8. 🙂

  5. exia00 says:

    I jsut got my pc running now Y_Y soo sad

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