Guild Wars Wintersday 2007 Finale

Guild Wars Wintersday

I spent part of my New Year’s Day at the Guild Wars Wintersday 2007 finale. I got both Dwayna’s and Grenth’s festival hats — but mostly supported Grenth, because I want winter to last longer. For the cold!

Grenth at Guild Wars Wintersday

Guild Wars Wintersday Gifts

In 2007, two big online games hit the Philippines — EVE Online and Lineage II. In 2008, we might even see Ragnarok Online 2. Here’s to another great year for Filipino gamers!

Galacticast Protests Canadian DMCA

Even though they’ve broken up, it’s good to see they can still work together for a common cause. The original Galacticast duo protests the looming Canadian DMCA with a nod to A Christmas Carol. Dig the Star Wars and Donnie Darko references.

The American DMCA is a terrible piece of legislation, horribly skewed towards the corporate interests of offline media. It’s so bad, it’s been steadily taken apart over time. May other countries never pass such a stupid law.