Guild Wars Wintersday 2007 Finale

Guild Wars Wintersday

I spent part of my New Year’s Day at the Guild Wars Wintersday 2007 finale. I got both Dwayna’s and Grenth’s festival hats — but mostly supported Grenth, because I want winter to last longer. For the cold!

Grenth at Guild Wars Wintersday

Guild Wars Wintersday Gifts

In 2007, two big online games hit the Philippines — EVE Online and Lineage II. In 2008, we might even see Ragnarok Online 2. Here’s to another great year for Filipino gamers!

Guild Wars Collector’s Edition Wintersday Dance

Guild Wars Collector’s Edition Wintersday Dance

I rarely see other Guild Wars Collector’s Edition owners. Fortunately, the Wintersday snowball fights attract players of all skill levels, including veteran connoisseurs. That’s where a female elementalist and my female warrior made sparks fly, using the hallmark of the Collector’s Edition: Divine Aura. Coincidentally, we even wore complementary Wintersday colors.

I probably won’t see another Collector’s Edition owner for months, much less dance with one in matching seasonal colors. May your Holiday season on Earth be as delightfully serendipitous as my Wintersday season on Tyria.