Happy Wintersday 2007!


I might have to skip a few Christmas parties on Earth, but I’ll be sure to attend the Holiday celebrations on Tyria. Happy Wintersday to all Guild Wars players.

This is the first Wintersday with Eye of the North, so I can’t wait to run the new festival quests in the (previously) Secret Lair of the Snowmen. I like to hang out in that dungeon, so I’d love to see what’s in store there for the Holidays.

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7 Comments on “Happy Wintersday 2007!”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Philippine time is GMT +8. That means you can get the hats until 4:00am January 9 Philippine time. If you log on right now, Exia, you can still get those hats.

  2. Exia00 says:

    Oh i got the 2 festival hats now 😛 plus another slew of goodies for my birthday 🙂 it pays to be the only girl in our guild 🙂

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