Level Up Drops COO, Hires Blogger

Level Up

I’ve been hearing about so much bad stuff happening at Mobius, I almost missed all the good stuff happening at Level Up. Sheila Paul has resigned as COO, and Kevin Codamon is now their website’s editor-in-chief. Sheila was an offline advertising dinosaur who wasted Level Up’s money; Kevin is an online media maven who can fix Level Up’s lame site.

Congratulations to Level Up on losing a liability and gaining an asset. Level Up is one of the Philippines’ top online game publishers; they need less bullshit-spewers and more gamer-bloggers.

(Via Carlo Ople.)

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28 Comments on “Level Up Drops COO, Hires Blogger”
  1. ananymous says:

    gus2 ko na mag laro free2play dapat

  2. SomeONE says:

    sana parang RF na lang ang RO2 free 2 play magload ka lang para x2 dr0p and x2 exp..
    kapag ginawa nyo to 100%
    madaming magquit sa ibang OL game at lilipat sa RO2 kailan b lalabas ang RO2?

  3. *lights up a cig* You know, I may not know much of the Online stuff, I got one thing to say. Bad advertising, Level Up! people. On my own inquiry, I asked many people if they watch “Massive” on MTV, most people on my side of the town said, “Hindi eh, pare. Sagabal, nakakabwisit sa panonood ng MTV. Sapaw nga eh. (No dude. It stops video-watching, it pisses us off when watching MTV. Just like spamming.)” I and my group of friends and almost all people from the underground network (of street gang members) said the same, like : “Parang Spam mail yung “Massive” when we’re watching in MTV. It’s anal-retentive ads really should stop, nakaka-sagabal sa musika na sana ay napapanood namin. Tang-inang yan.” or “Massive? Yung show ng L*vel *P! ? One sentence, pare. Parang fucking shit na pinang-siksik lang sa MTV pare. Tapos ano pinapalabas? GMV (Game Music Videos) or preview lang. Meron naman YouTube, diba? Dun na lang dapat yun eh.”. Aside from that, I also got “What the fuck is Massive? Yung show na pampa-lipas ng oras, parang telenovela bago yung afternoon anime? Fuck that, maski naglalaro kami ng MMORPG, hindi namin ito pinapanood. Sapaw lang sa MTV.”

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