Digg’s Kevin Rose Interviews Google’s Marissa Mayer

Two of the smartest, most glamorous geeks on the planet talk tech. Digg founder Kevin Rose interviews Google Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Marissa Mayer. How appropriate that two people who’ve made Internet history should meet at the Computer History Museum.

Marissa’s calm attitude towards Bing is commendable, considering that Bing just ate Yahoo. It’s certainly calmer than Ballmer’s attitude towards Google. Her assertions on the reliability of cloud computing come just in time for the Going Google campaign. Unsurprisingly, Marissa’s most excited about Google Wave.

Check out the full list of questions here, as crowdsourced from Digg users. Also, Google is not Skynet.

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One Comment on “Digg’s Kevin Rose Interviews Google’s Marissa Mayer”
  1. yay! marissa mayers is a pretty geek. 😀 Ang ganda nya. hehe 😀

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