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Google Wave promises to unite email, chat, microblogging, contact management, document collaboration, photo-sharing, and even forum discussion under one seamless open protocol, all in realtime. Here it is demonstrated at the Google I/O conference.

Email and chat, two of the most pervasive online messaging tools in existence, were designed forty years ago to mimic forms of analog communication prevalent at the time: letters and phone calls. Wave started as a vision of what email would look like were it invented today, integrating the various forms of communication and collaboration developed in digital media, without the compartmentalized conceptual baggage of analog media.

The result, after over two years of work by fifty engineers working in secret, is one protocol to rule them all. In fact, Wave integrates so many forms of online communication that the introductory demo took over an hour and twenty minutes.

It would be bloatware if it weren’t so seamless. Even after such a long and exhaustive presentation, developers at Google I/O gave Wave a standing ovation. The average user will adopt Wave as turbocharged GMail at first glance, then start chatting, then start collaborating, then start sharing — before they know it, they’ll be hooked on the fluidity of it all.

No wonder Google CEO Eric Schmidt called Twitter “a poor man’s email system“. He had something better in mind: a modern man’s email system.

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4 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Google Wave Demo”
  1. Cool! It sounds like….Facebook mit Envy. But no one can do it like Google can do it so I have an open mind.
    P.S. I”m also Googol Mogul where the plurkers lurk. (Not that you would care or anything but I do enjoy following you around the murky pond.)

  2. Zaido_Rest_in_Peace says:

    yes way 2 go 4 Google to introduce a new system as of right now despite the Global Financial Crisis BS that is going on right now.I’m impressed!!!!!!

    Google,keep up the good work,the company will have a brighter future someday……

  3. Romeo says:

    This is really nice. Thanks for sharing this one. I do hope they support most of the major microblogging services out there. *Crosses fingers*

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