Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

Top otaku culture blogger Danny Choo has confirmed attendance for Alodia Fans Day via Facebook.Click here to continue reading "Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day"...

Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

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21 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day”
  1. Al says:

    Danny Choo is going. Damn. Talk about “swerte” to the max.

  2. I might sign up as a worker in that event… *starts cracking knuckles* I’d fight and beat down any troublemaker. Seriously.

  3. Jaydead says:

    Update: Just saw this tweet from Danny: “Would love to go but can’t.” Too bad.

    awwww…. for a while there, I really thought Danny’s going to attend. 🙁 maybe next time. ^_~

  4. Al says:


    That guy is too busy with Japan business to go anywhere else. I can understand. I can relate. Wanting to go somewhere but can’t due to current duties.

  5. Israelite Platonic Buenaluslus says:

    If danny wont go, the otaku king… No The otaku blogging EMPEROR of the Philippines will definetely come. Right Mike? I actually find your blog more interesting than danny’s.

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