Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day

First he blogged her, then he got her an endorsement deal. Now he’ll visit her. Top otaku culture blogger Danny Choo has confirmed attendance for Alodia Fans Day via Facebook. Alodia Fans Day, of course, is an event dedicated to Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Let that sink in for a second. The otaku king of the blogosphere is flying all the way from Japan to meet the otaku queen of the Philippines. This is international otaku history in the making.

Update: Just saw this tweet from Danny: “Would love to go but can’t.” Too bad. 🙁

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21 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Danny Choo Confirmed for Alodia Fans Day”
  1. anonymous says:

    fuck that non-japanese attention whore! the fucktard thinks he’s king of the otakus but you don’t know that he’s a bigot against filipinos. he once remarked when he was in HK that “filipino otakus are monkey’s trying too hard”. i swear to god this happened becoz i work here in HK and he was here on a biz trip for sun microsystems. he didn’t realize that i was pinoy & when the subject came up about the philippines, the four-eye sob said some nasty remarks. thank god he didn’t come or else i would’ve dropped the bomb on his sorry ass!

    • animeboy says:

      that’s true. danny choo is discriminate with filipinos. he looks down on them & he censors & cuts members on his own website. he’s a big prick!

      • Poo on Choo says:

        Danny Choo (dannychoo.com) could easily get a job with the current Iranian regime.

        He freely lets people post news articles, yet if he doesn’t like your opinion he deletes it like the Dictator he is.

        Total Prick!

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