Apple Says You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Check out the iPhone 3G ad above. Notice how pages load in fractions of a second. Anyone who’s ever used 3G knows it couldn’t possibly be that fast in the real world.

Even seventy-year-old William Gillis can spot the chicanery. That’s why he filed a complaint against Apple alleging false advertising.

That Apple lies is nothing new. They just got caught lying about Macs and viruses. That someone would call them on their lies is not surprising, either. What is surprising, however, is the absurdity of Apple’s defense:

“…no reasonable person in Plaintiff’s position could have reasonably relied on or misunderstood Apple’s statements as claims of fact.”

In other words, Apple’s defense is that you shouldn’t believe a word they say. Their excuse for lying is that you shouldn’t believe their lies. Only within the Steve Jobs reality distortion field could such a circular argument make even an iota of sense.

(Via Brian X. Chen.)

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4 Comments on “Apple Says You Shouldn’t Believe Them”
  1. Alcarcalimo says:

    It’s about time somebody takes a look at their ad department…and fire them all.

  2. soloista says:

    The problem with Apple’s moves, as it should, shoot down its credibility with its own customers. Problem is that we know that its customers have been trapped successfully in the Apple environment due to marketing.

  3. Alcarcalimo says:

    OMG, just noticed how chika and “chicanery” are related…..

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    It’s not just the advertising department, either. Among Apple customer support people, it’s a fireable offense to even suggest Macs could ever get viruses. That’s how brutally Steve Jobs enforces his lies.

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