Yahoo Seeks New CEO

Yahoo SmileyCan you save Yahoo from its fallen stock price, its hemorrhage of talent, its loss of a Google deal, its damaged credibility from Jerry Yang’s backpedaling, and its utter humiliation at the hands of Steve Ballmer? Then get your resume ready, because Yahoo is hiring a new CEO!

Yes, that’s right. After having him as CEO for only seventeen months, Yahoo’s board has finally realized founder Jerry Yang is too wishy-washy to lead. First he publicly bashes tech-clueless corporate raider Carl Icahn on Yahoo’s front page in a desperate bid to save the company, then he gives Icahn three seats on the board and deletes his bash post. First he fights off a takeover bid from Microsoft by allying with Google, then he tries to offer Yahoo to Microsoft once Google leaves him.

I’m all for a vibrant and independent Yahoo, but I have no respect for a leader who can’t stand his ground. Anyone who can do that is probably more qualified to lead Yahoo than Yang.

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4 Comments on “Yahoo Seeks New CEO”
  1. Cris Cohen says:

    In a sign of how things are going at Yahoo, I’m betting his email to employees didn’t make it past the Yahoo spam filter and now sits in everyone’s junk mail folder along with ads for hair restoration creams.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Then they’re reading it on BoomTown instead of in their inboxes. How sad.

  3. issai says:

    i was watching the news yesterday, yahoo! lost 50% of it’s stock’s value since yang became ceo. ouch!

  4. Mike Abundo says:

    I was hoping Yahoo stock would jump on news of Yang stepping down, but it’s still down. 😛

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