An Open Letter to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang

Yahoo CEO Jerry YangJerry Yang
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Jerry,

I’m all for an independent Yahoo. Google rules search and advertising, but Yahoo still has an awesome portal and great APIs. I cheered when you retook the company you created, unseating Hollywood dinosaur Terry Semel as CEO. I cheered when you fought off Microsoft’s hostile takeover bid earlier this year by forging an alliance with Google.

That’s why I’m shocked to hear you claim you wanted to sell Yahoo to Microsoft all along. Excuse me? You fought tooth and nail for Yahoo’s independence, despite widespread derision from the tech media. Now that your stock price is down, your team is bleeding talent, and Papa Google won’t back you up, here you are backpedaling on everything you fought for, everything you made people believe in.

It takes a lot of courage to start a business in a nascent market. That’s what you and David Filo did thirteen years ago with Yahoo. Where did that courage go? Where is the conviction with which you fought off Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, a man seven times your size and wealth?

I believed in you, Jerry. You broke my heart.

Deeply disappointed,

Mike Abundo
The Mike Abundo Effect

(Photo by Laura Lippay on Flickr, a Yahoo company I don’t want going to Microsoft.)

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4 Comments on “An Open Letter to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang”
  1. The Observer says:


    There you go again using that word “Dinosaur” for anything or anyone that doesn’t subscribe to your views. Is that the only way you can get interest in your blog by needling and provoking people who have already made it very clear how they can’t stand you, your opinions and most importantly your insults to people who you simply can’t hold a candle to. Dinosaur this and Dinosaur that… And all this from mosquito. Stop your insults Mike. You are clearly a jealous, frustrated nobody desperately trying to become relevant who is burning bridges at every corner. So much so in fact that in your chosen you have become a Pariah. You are articulate. Start again fresh. Join a call center.

    The Observer

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Whoa. I didn’t know Terry Semel still had supporters. Now there’s a pariah. 😯

  3. bikerboy says:


  4. Migs says:

    Jeez Mike, stop giving your freakazoids fodder. “The Observer” was absolutely right and your “fans” just went on to once again prove that they’re all retarded. “Observer” gave good advise. Take it, for a change. Heck, you’re always dishing out unsolicited, unqualified and unkind advise. Can dish it but can’t take it huh?


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