AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II

After almost a year of courtship, South Korean game development giant NCsoft and Philippine publisher Asian Media Development Group have closed a $5.5-M deal to distribute Lineage II not just in the Philippines, but across Southeast Asia.

The exclusive $5.5-million marketing and distribution deal with the South Korean company marks the first time that NCsoft has signed a non-subsidiary to distribute its game. It will also be the first time for AMDG to expand its operations outside the Philippines.

In an interview with hackenslash, AMDG chief operating officer Ronald Allan Aquino said that under the partnership, all NCsoft products, primarily Lineage II, would be solely distributed in the region, which will start in the Philippines, followed by Singapore and Malaysia.

“While we will distribute Lineage II in the Philippines, we’ll be looking for partners who will distribute it in other countries,” Aquino said.

Likewise, Aquino said they are preparing the buildup of their server facilities in the Philippines to host the local Lineage II players.

“We’ll be launching the game in the next half of the year, simultaneously in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia,” Aquino said.

Lineage II, including its predecessor Lineage I, is a major success among the massively online game triple-A titles that have come out of South Korea, with an estimated 14 million subscribers globally. It is currently being played in Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, and the United States, among others.

Asian Media Development Group (AMDG) locally distributes one of my favorite games: NCsoft’s Guild Wars. They powered through weak initial Philippine sales of Guild Wars Prophecies, reaping dividends when slow-burn word of mouth sold out Guild Wars Nightfall over a year later. The four-year-old Philippine online game market is flooded with smaller titles; AMDG is betting we’re ready for bigger brands. In terms of global subscriptions and recognition, the Lineage series is right up there with World of Warcraft; this deal brings the Philippines one step closer to WoW.

The only other MMORPG sequel announced for the Philippines this year is Ragnarok 2, and I sincerely doubt that deal went anywhere near $5.5 million. This Lineage II deal is probably the biggest in Philippine online gaming history.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for Lineage II to come to the Philippines since its stunning visuals first caught my eye two years ago. I’m definitely putting some Xfire hours into this one.

(Story by Alex Villafania. Interview video by Joey Alarilla.)

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150 Comments on “AMDG Acquires SEA License for Lineage II”
  1. uraggon says:

    anu n tau kung d pwd d wag kulit nyu

  2. uraggon says:

    pro ganda nun kamael tagal nmn

  3. Genesis says:

    gusto ko lng po malaman kung kelan aang release ng kamael sa l2 sea..kasi po kailangan ko ng update para mas malakas na ung mga cubics ng warlock ko hahaha…tinigil ko ung warlock ko kasi ang boring na po nung grind hehee…sana kamael na para back to being a warlock na ako hehe…..

    pa e mail naman po ako regards dun sa date ng release nyo ng kamael at ung availability ng mga top up cards..kasi po wala pa d2 sa dagupan city, pangasinan….

  4. darkbolt says:

    Dont waste your money on this game it is the worst game i have ever seen and im not kidding. PvP is grossly unballanced. quests in places you cant get to,very poor use of walk mesh and a wastful useage of textures and such makes the game very jerky and laggy on even the best computers.

    Quests are boring and drag on forever making you run all over the world to gather items only to finish that and be stuck doing another quest again of the same kind. Leaving a clan to join another is also a nightmare you have to wait 7 DAYS!! to be able to join another clan.

    In my opinion this is the worst MMO i have ever seen Nc soft has gone way to overbord on most thins but mainly quests are the worst i have ever seen and have literally turned me off of doing quests in ANYGAME (yes its that bad). I hear people say “best mmo ever” they obviously are working for NCSOFT or have never played anything else but L2.

    I would strongly advise that you dont pay for this game. It is a waste of money and a watse of time. on an end note i have noticed this game is designed to make everything LONG and drawn out so that you will play and PAY longer.


    #1- 7 day wait to leave/join a clan
    #2- clan leader has to wait 7 days before he can disband a clan.
    #3- Horrible and almost mind numbing grinding quests that go on forever and have you collecting parts for days if not weeks.
    #4- x1 rates also make it mind numbingly slow.
    #5- LVL’ing is a nightmare the grind is the worst i have ever seen.

    **END NOTE

    I strongly recomend as i have had a chr lvl 80 in lineage not to get this game or atleast NOT to pay for this game.This game will suck the life right out of you very poor quests and very poor pvp (unbalanced badly)

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