Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

Uno Magazine has named Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Alodia Gosiengfiao as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.Click here to continue reading "Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas"...

Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

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51 Comments (with 10 Conversations) on “Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas”
  1. Guest says:

    Regarding being wholesome, I’ve noticed that since Alodia graduated, some of her costumes have become a bit more revealing. Example: magna carta (pink kimono), and her appearance in that timezone event (Again, I state “a bit more revealing”) and isn’t she also considering cosplaying Rei Ayanami (it was posted in her blog)?

    Anyway, I’m just curious as to why fans shout “envy!” or “inggit ka lang sa kanya!” at anyone who gives her a negative comment. I’m just curious as to why. Some people may not like her or what she does, but that doesn’t mean na inggit sila diba? Or ganun na ba talaga yun?

    @tuko: Omg. Nosebleed from the fallacies XD

  2. QueenLatifah says:

    “A bit more revealing” – Well, I think she has the “k”. may karapatan siya coz she is pretty & sexy. As the saying goes, “If you got it, then flaunt it” .

  3. Guest says:

    I’m not saying wala syang ‘k’. I just mentioned that she had started to cosplay using more revealing photos as a point na hindi na sya sobrang wholesome(I was referring to the posts before mine). I guess it’s because she’s more mature so pwede na sa kanya.

  4. Ayanami says:

    June 18, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Now I’m bitter?? wtf is that?

    Look at Guest (June 18, 2009 at 2:03 pm) and tuko (June 19, 2009 at 2:15 am), they get what i’m saying.

    “Famous in her own right she is, whether you like it or not. She graduated from MCHS and then ADMU so it’s safe to say that she is with brains. Achievements? Well if you must only be objective and do away with your crab mentality shit, take a look at her dA page and see how talented of an artist she is. She can draw, paint and sketch like a pro. Can you?”

    what the fuck is MCHS and ADMU compared to Oxford where I’m taking my MA? Hope that answers your question. My criticisms shouldn’t really be taken seriously unless you ARE ALODIA. It’s not jealousy, bitterness or crab mentality, it’s an opinion.

    @ Tuko: Tsaka bakit pag may comment na hindi compliment e sinesemplang kaagad ng mga fans? Over defensive much?

    EXACTLY. bravo Tuko.

    This is the only time I’ve criticized her anywhere. I THINK she shouldn’t be in the same page as Cory because it reflects how Filipinos treat the political system and the culture. A BIG JOKE. Putting “celebrities” and politicians in the same league. A cosplayer and an ex president in a same page??? Celebrities becoming politicians…it sickens me. Before, senators were graduates of Harvard at least. Now,your local action star Bong Revilla is in god knows where position.

    I’m not saying she’ll be running for the next election. I’m saying that the idea of this kind of treatment of the culture sickens me.

    I THINK she looks ordinary because I’ve seen REALLY BEAUTIFUL people around the WORLD. May it be Asia/China, Europe or America.

    If you read closely, I’m also criticizing the Filipino culture and YOU and Alodia are part of this sick culture.

    Cosplaying is expensive. If she’s really smart as you say she is MAYBE it’s better to use her money by MAYBE (the cliche of) helping the poor? Or MAYBE she is just some sheltered ugly chinagirl who wants to live in her own private la-la-laland while waiting for people like you to put her in a same page as Cory to further glorify her narcissistic actions.

    Again, this is just MY OPINION. 🙂 bash away stupid defensive fans.

    • Al says:

      Oh really beautiful? Like where? I only know some in Japan.
      Tell me one celebrity from any country that you think is beautiful in your “standards”?
      Your opinions about Alodia don’t matter to me but you saying all that stupid s–t about us filipinos makes you a dumbass by comparison.

    • Al says:

      Oxford? Impressive. Thats mostly a lit-based school.
      I’m in a community college. The lowest of the low when it comes to “higher education.” Even if I graduated in the top 5% of my class.

    • Anonymous says:

      No its not your opinion. You just found a place to brag about you taking your MA at Oxford. Whether that “taking my MA at Oxford” is true or not is another question. Well if its true, I think its expensive too? How about helping the poor?

    • Euri says:

      what the fuck is MCHS and ADMU compared to Oxford where I’m taking my MA? Hope that answers your question. My criticisms shouldn’t really be taken seriously unless you ARE ALODIA. It’s not jealousy, bitterness or crab mentality, it’s an opinion.

      Just an opinion, not that I’m taking people’s side here, but you know, people don’t really care where you do your MA, even if you’re from Harvard University. Simply because people don’t know you, in which also suggests that fact that you’re not popular in a celebrity level. Whatever your opinions and reactions may be, you still cannot deny the fact that Alodia has become a celebrity in the otaku world. Although I do kind of disagree with the her being tagged as a “J-pop Idol,” I kinda understand where that idea came from. Most people can’t differentiate details, all they know is that it has something to do with anime and/or J-pop, period.

      Cosplaying is expensive. True. But since it’s her money, she can do whatever she wants with it. The same thing with me earning money, for example, and spending that money for my hobbies and recreation. One thing with “helping the poor” is that they don’t help themselves. Why would she spend something she earned to someone else she doesn’t even know? Come on, only hypocrites say those kinds of things, in this day and age.

      Just my two cents.

  5. bambi says:

    Is it true that alodia is a pro in fufu united ninja allstars?

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