Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas

Alodia in Uno Magazine

As otaku rise in influence across Philippine society, so does the queen of Philippine otaku. Uno Magazine has named Filipina gamer-blogger-cosplayer idol Alodia Gosiengfiao as one of the most influential women in the Philippines.

To give you an idea of Uno’s standards of influence for this list, Alodia’s on the same page as former Philippine president and Time 1986 Woman of the Year Corazon Aquino. Welcome to the new geek nation.

(Photo by Tricia Gosingtian.)

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51 Comments (with 10 Conversations) on “Alodia Among Most Influential Filipinas”
  1. Carlo says:

    god this annoys me so much. And not just in blog comments. If you don’t like the article/subject or anything you see, GO TO A DIFFERENT WEBPAGE goddamit!

    I am not trying to stifle your freedom to write what is in your mind. But if you didn’t read the article, you won’t get your extreme feelings of dislike and probably, hate. Magbabasa pa kayo at mag-cocomment, alam nyo naman kokontrahin lang kayo ng mga fans niya. Like I said, GO TO A DIFFERENT WEBPAGE and read/view something else. It’s not like she’s on every webpage like Google ads, and its not like you’re gonna see her on TV much. Kung hindi nyo binuksan yung post, di sana hindi kayo na-badtrip at nag-comment at hindi din na-badtrip yung mga sumasamba sa kanya na naka-basa ng comment nyo. Panalo sana ang lahat.

    And no, I am not a huge, huge Alodia worshiper. Yes, I like her but only because she’s a hot girl and I’m a guy. That’s it, its instinct. I am not a fan-boy.

    On the flipside, I do not blame those haters for not liking Alodia, *diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks* may kani-kanya tayong dahilan. Pero kung ayaw mo sa kanya, wag ka magbukas ng webpage TUNGKOL sa kanya. Sad as I see it, protesting your hate only heightens the possibility na inggit nga kayo siguro or badtrip because you can never be as pretty or you can’t get anyone as hot as her. At yung ibang comments pa ng haters – kitang kita mo na matagal na kilala si alodia. Paksheet naman! Kung ayaw mo sa kanya, bakit sobrang kilala mo??

    • larZ says:

      parehas tayo ng idea, at yung tungkol sa instinct, parehas din. may male-female instinct kc talaga na nabubuhay sa mga hormones natin at binubuhay ni alodia ang katawan ko.. wahahhahahaha..

      thats all

      -alodia is SO HOT ,,
      -definitely my type…

  2. duh says:

    browse the “make yer business yer meme” you’ll see how this girl called alodia capitalized on the culture she’s into. that’s the reason why she’s one of the most influential person in the otaku community back there.

  3. chey says:

    kakairita ‘yung mga taong TULAD KO na nakikisabay sa agos at nakikisakay sa kasikatan ng mga taong tulad ni alodia FEELING nila sikat na rin sila. kung maka-comment at makaLAITsa IBA akala mo ang galing-galing at FEELING CLOSE sa mga sikat. pag tinignan mo naman BUHAY nila, WALA namang maipagmamalaki. hindi man lang makapaghugas ng pinggan o makapagTAPON man lang ng KALAT sa dapat kalalagyan. tsk!

    we need life people!

  4. Jp Angeles says:

    You should say, “Welcome to the Otaku Nation”. Man, I love to speak that out.

  5. guest555 says:

    to ayanami,

    cory and alodia are in the same page but for different fields/reasons.

    cory is influential politically.

    alodia is influential in era of costume making scene. which is fairly new in the phil.

    so don’t be narrow minded as to how why they are in the same page. culture is not only about politics. it also includes the arts. and cosplay i guess is a new art form in its infancy stage in our country. Alodia is in the forefront of bring awareness to it here.

    oxford oxford ka pa jan napaka narrow minded mo nmn hehe. peace…

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