FriendFeed Logo Pays Tribute to the Matrix


I don’t know if this is an early April Fools’ Day easter egg, but the FriendFeed logo now pays tribute to the Matrix on mouseover.

FriendFeed Matrix Tribute

Considering that FriendFeed was founded by ex-Googlers, logoplay is to be expected. Considering how FriendFeed can stream information in real time, the falling characters look appropriate. Considering how normal people don’t know that Facebook’s news feed actually copies FriendFeed, taking the red pill sounds even more appropriate.

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6 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “FriendFeed Logo Pays Tribute to the Matrix”
  1. Kevin Shaum says:

    It was commemorating the tenth anniversary of the release of The Matrix (31 March 1999).

  2. Romeo says:

    Ah fiddlesticks. Missed this one. Were there any other sites also doing easter eggs?

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