Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

Tech hits mainstream media hard as geek superstars Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht hit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Kevin, of course, is the founder of the social news Web site Digg, while Alex is Kevin’s costar on the popular video podcast Diggnation.

Just before taking over Late Night, Fallon had previously appeared as a guest on Diggnation. Surprisingly enough, the Late Night audience was very receptive to Diggnation’s quirky brand of geek news.

Under Conan O’Brien, Late Night guestings used to be exclusively reserved for offline celebrities. As the Internet grows into a mainstream entertainment medium, NBC is starting to treat Internet stars with the same respect.

This is progress. Wonder when Alodia will appear on Startalk.

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6 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!”
  1. Red Z says:

    Sorry, but I think shows like startalk only exist for promoting stars and their projects which is the same for late night talk shows. Unless Alodia is starring in something big or is popular with the “mainstream” crowd, we might not be seeing her in those types of shows.

    Hopefully, when local networks stop rehashing old material and actually stop pretending to care about their viewers (“Kapuso and Kapamilya” crap), they might take notice of the great potential that the internet has to peddle their crap.

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    GMA outright lied by claiming that their contract star Marian Rivera was the star attraction at ToyCon. In truth, the real crowd draw was Alodia.

    For the most part, Philippine mainstream media still denies the existence of Internet stars.

  3. Red Z says:

    What the heck does Marian Rivera have to do with nerd culture? GMA lies? Say it ain’t so!

  4. Dwengster says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Rose…. since way way back when he was just a simple presenter over at TechTV’s Call for Help and The ScreenSavers…. look where he is now… a multimillionaire!

    and he’s just only 32.

    regarding local internet stars… how about the infamous posse of DJ Montano? as well as bryanboy and a few other net savvy bloggers?

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