Google Friend Connect Vs. Facebook Connect

Google Friend Connect Versus Facebook ConnectLess than an hour after Google Friend Connect opens to the public, Facebook Connect opens up in response. As is often the case between competing services from powerful companies, the difference is focus.

Google Friend Connect focuses on extensity and simplicity by providing JavaScript code snippets that support multiple identity services. Barriers to entry are low for both webmasters and users (copy-paste, multiple networks), but so are opportunities for integration (separate login, no data piping, limited design choices). Google Friend Connect is a widget: simple and easy.

Facebook Connect focuses on intensity and complexity by enabling rich interactions between Facebook and other sites. Barriers to entry are high for both webmasters and users (CMS plugins, Facebook-only), but so are opportunities for integration (unified login, two-way data piping, total design customization). Facebook Connect is an API: mashable and powerful.

This divergence of focus stems from divergent goals. Google aims to create a new decentralized social network with Google Friend Connect. Facebook aims to decentralize its existing social network with Facebook Connect.

Will you go for extensity and simplicity, or intensity and complexity? Will you use Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect, or both?

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