Seven Useful LinkedIn Features

LinkedInI have a hard time explaining LinkedIn to most Filipinos. Too many of them still think of resumes not as living social documents, but as dead tree bits shoved into pigeonholes.

The best I can tell them is “Friendster with resumes”. Since most Filipinos still don’t get the connection between social networks and serious business, even that analogy doesn’t work very often.

For those of you who can get past those outdated mindsets, Brian Wallace offers seven useful features to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Quick Lookup – Look up who you are having that next business meeting with. You’ll be able to break the ice right away.

Q&A – Post questions to others in your industry. The Yahoo Answers look and feel of this feature has definitely made LinkedIn more active and interesting. A public question can be responded to by anyone that works in really any discipline. Such was the case where Derek Edmond spotted a discussion occurring about the trustworthiness of SEO.

Recommendations – Have clients or co-workers post recommendations, which future employers and clients can view to gauge your skill and level of trustworthiness. Conversely, if you’re an employer, these imply trustworthiness for a potential freelancer or new hire.

Background checks – Look up potential new hires or freelancers. This should be right up there in an HR manager’s toolbelt.

See what your competition is up to – Keep track of what others in your industry are up to. Network updates gives you a feed of recent activity, so you can see who your connections have friended, groups they have joined, and the people they have recommended. You’ll even be able to see when people are switching jobs.

Introductions – Use people you already know to help make introductions. It’s a great way to get in the door with a company you need to contact.

Open Networking – Go out and become a LION! You are an open networker.

Sure beats throwing sheep. If I know you, add me up on LinkedIn.

(Photo by Bruce Everiss.)

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4 Comments (with 2 Conversations) on “Seven Useful LinkedIn Features”
  1. Hi Mike – great post! Here’s another useful feature – being able to add presentations to your profile!

  2. it also helps when i want to stalk my crushes… lots more info than on facebook XD

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I don’t know if that’s the purpose LinkedIn’s founders had in mind, Norbert — but you can always count on users to come up with unexpected uses for any application. 😆

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