Alodia Calendar Teaser

Alodia Calendar Teaser

Filipina cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao did a calendar shoot the other day. Here’s a behind-the-scenes teaser pic, featuring a new variation of her sword-wielding schoolgirl cosplay from ToyCon.

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13 Comments on “Alodia Calendar Teaser”
  1. soloista says:

    That photo of Alodia reeks too traditionally of FHM/Maxim. The way she looks there carries too much of the traditional big media.

    Secondly, the way the schoolgirl image is carried out with specific fashion choices is far too western in execution as well. I don’t really have to expound on this if people know their sultry schoolgirl stereotype well.

    Thirdly, Shana being fierce. Shana herself has sort of a kiddy element to her primarily because of adding in Rie Kugimiya as her voice. So, making Shana look too adult or too sultry will add to inaccuracy.

  2. RAstaMONch says:

    Hmmm………she would be better if she cosplayed Sunako Nakahara from Yamato Nadeshiko: Shichi Henge.

  3. kio says:

    i never thought it was shana..too sexy and mature for little girl shana

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