The NBN is Just Stupid

Why are people talking as if the Philippine National Broadband Network deal makes any sense at all? If the Philippine government wants to get connected, have them hook their offices up to existing Philippine ISPs and be done with it. A government VPN over DSL, cable, and satellite plans from the best providers in each province would cost far less to build and maintain than this $329 million white elephant.

Connectivity is a commodity. The Philippine government is not YouTube; its bandwidth requirements simply do not justify building its own Internet backbone. Whatever your politics are, the NBN is just stupid.

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7 Comments on “The NBN is Just Stupid”
  1. As usual, it’s all about who gets the money.

    Unfortunately the idiots who are trying to make this happen know someone will have to force the issue in court. As if we’ve got enough problems already.

  2. LAWLZ… been wondering the same thing myself… but, hey it’s WiMAX to the max!

    so much for waiting… WiMAX is like an abortion with its current status in the Philippines..

  3. Aaron says:

    Everyone with a decent IQ knows that if you need to go online, you can have it set up even by a local company. We don’t need to go oversees for that.

    It’s all about corruption. Our politicians and government officials can find ways on making a quick buck on just about anything. And that’s what counts for them.

  4. Marco says:

    Don’t the Philippine ISPs have enough juice to lobby this thing to death? US ISPs quickly jumped on Philly, SanFran, etc when they tried to put up free government back WiFi.

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