The Philippine Government Needs a CIO

When I see the Philippine government attempt such boneheaded IT projects as the National Broadband Network, I am convinced the Philippine government needs a chief information officer to steer their IT projects in the right direction. As it stands, decision-making for government IT projects is just one big mess: witness the insane number of functionally unrelated government executives (and even one executive’s spouse!) embroiled in the NBN controversy.

As much as I disagree with Senator Loren Legarda’s misguided attempt to censor the Internet, I must agree with her push to create a Department of Information and Communications Technology. The secretary of that department would effectively become the government’s CIO. With one person in charge of IT projects, the government wouldn’t have so many extraneous individuals with extraneous interests meddling in IT decisions.

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4 Comments on “The Philippine Government Needs a CIO”
  1. GM Tristan says:

    Or perhaps they can just hire this 12 year old who started an MMO company and made millions 🙂

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    If they can’t afford him, they could hire this 17-year-old who made a million-dollar web site.

    Either kid could do better than our government’s doing now. 😛

  3. CoCaFire says:

    And some people wonder why pinoys have no concept of efficiency. When we finally get money, we blow it like M.C. Hammer or Rick James on a bad drug habit.

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