Australian Gamers Want Lineage II SEA?

I’m giving away invitations to AsianMedia’s Lineage II Southeast Asia closed beta test, for gamers in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. That’s why Australian gamer Nathan Tills surprised me with this comment:

Hey guys I’ve been playing L2 since open beta NA. That was like 4 years ago now, or maybe 3, I can’t remember. I’ve played every MMO on the market and nothing comes close to L2! It still is number 1 and still has better graphics then some of the newer mmo’s! I’m from Australia and I know a lot of aussies are hoping we can come and play on these servers as we play the same times and NO LAG!!!!….. Please let Australians play on these servers. We are very friendly 🙂 CYA IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Australia’s a large, affluent market. Any chance AsianMedia can serve them, too?

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12 Comments on “Australian Gamers Want Lineage II SEA?”
  1. shaff says:

    maybe its a joke ? :X

    anyway, i wish u guys luck for this, really wish to see more english speaker ingame

  2. Yoyen says:

    I’m a filipino-gamer residing here in Australia. When I heard about L2 giving “asian”, i couldn’t help but drop my panties. *kidding* My boyfriend (whom i met in an MMOG as well) & I were looking forward to playing the game till we found it it was exclusively for the 3 major SEA gaming countries (Phils, Sing, Malay). I hope NCsoft & AsiaMedia would change their minds and allow Australian & NZ IPs into the SEA servers. Lots of us badly want to play that game!!! >.

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