Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More

Japanese gamer-blogger-cosplayer otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa shares her geeky passions in an interview with The Japan Times today. She reveals how, as a mainstream idol early in the millennium, she initially hid her anime and gaming geekery on a blog she didn’t expect anyone to read. I wasn’t supposed to show this side of myself […]Click here to continue reading "Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More"...

Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More

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10 Comments (with 4 Conversations) on “Shoko Nakagawa: Blog True, Play More”
  1. s3KshUn 8 says:

    |)03$ $|-|3 @|_$0 P|_@`/ Resident Evil 4? 1 (0$P|_@`/3|) |)|2. $@|_\/@|)0|2 +\/\/1(3 @|_|23@|)`/.

    • Mike Abundo says:

      I don’t know, Alfred — but she’d cosplay a fine Ada Wong. 🙂

      • s3KshUn 8 says:

        *already drooling* We’d go so well cosplaying Resident Evil 4. XD Dr. Salvador VS. Ada Wong would be nice.

        By the way, I’m going to TAGCOM as Agent HUNK, letting ya know in any case you might go there, Sir Mike!

        I’m also a big fan of Shoko-sama. d(~w~)b

  2. Al-san says:

    Big fan right here. *Points at meself*

  3. anonymark says:

    what can I say? I just love her!

  4. SbebiWan says:

    Love her too ^^ Thanks for the link

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