U Mobile Should Send No More Than Four Ads a Day

U Vs. Blyk

When I heard from Jayvee Fernandez that the monthly ad-supported load cap for U Mobile is PhP350, I instantly wondered just how many ads you should have to see to get that small subsidy. Let’s compare U Mobile’s deal with that of the world’s most successful ad-supported cellco, Blyk. After all, Smart bought U Mobile for $10 million on the same day Blyk announced 100,000 subscribers.

PHP350 can buy around 48 minutes of talk time on U Mobile, without text. Blyk gives out 217 texts and 43 minutes per month.

At Philippine voice and SMS rates, Blyk gives each subscriber around PhP528.75 worth of service per month. To earn that credit, each Blyk subscriber must view up to six MMS ads a day.

PhP350 is around two-thirds of PhP528.75. Two-thirds of six is four. To offer the same deal as Blyk, U Mobile must show each subscriber no more than four ads a day.

U Mobile launches publicly in June. Let’s see if their deal is as good as Blyk’s.

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9 Comments on “U Mobile Should Send No More Than Four Ads a Day”
  1. benoy says:


    I would have to say that you did the math correctly but there’s something WRONG with the logic of your point. A bias analysis I would have to say.

    We are in the philippines, where economic status and cost of living is VERY different from other first world countries such as in europe specifically in UK. – WHICH BASICALLY SUMS IT ALL.

    Statements like this, coming from a “Vice-President for Online Services of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society blah blah blah” (if this truly exist) should understand the basis and logic of this comparison.

    Pity you, im guessing you are not their target market. Dont be bitter about it.

  2. thecommuter says:

    dude, you used the wrong assumptions with your math work.

    blyke can offer a better deal than u mobile due to the fact that:

    a. it was launched in a first world country
    b. the company has captured a small percentage of the massive ad budgets of the likes of Nike and Laureal. small yes, but the massiveness of the money were looking at here would look really big if your from the philippines.

    U mobile operates in the third world country where advertisers make baby steps towards the unknown world of mobile advertising.

    the economics is really simple: would a BigMac in a first world be of the same value in a 3rd world country?

  3. benoy-beboy says:

    “Vice-President for Online Services of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society blah blah blah” (if this truly exist)

    PICS for short DOES EXIST. Don’t act like some highly intelligent interwebs-pilipino if you do not know your fucking Philippine Interwebs History.

    shut up benoy

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