Smart Mobile TV: Useless

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Useless overhyped idea of the week: Philippine cellular provider Smart hopes to put local TV on mobile phones.

While I’m all for maximizing new phone capabilities — in this case, DVB-H — I don’t see much potential in the technology. I discussed this Joey Alarilla last year, and he hit the nail on the head: Filipinos with enough social standing to own video-capable phones are probably too smart to watch the shit local TV networks crap out. Furthermore, people on the move want to access content on their time, not some programming manager’s time.

If YouTube’s popularity in the Philippines is any indication, Filipinos who can buy these phones would rather watch watch on-demand online video. That’s what Smart should focus on delivering.

(Via Abe Olandres.)

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14 Comments on “Smart Mobile TV: Useless”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    I remember when SMS was free, Metal. I miss that. 🙂

  2. Metal Munky says:

    “I remember when SMS was free, Metal. I miss that. ”

    Me, too.
    Kung ganito ba naman ang ginawa ng SMART, I’m sure we would become the undisputed texting capital of the world for the next three to five years and the bigwigs of SMART will become rich enough to compete with the Sultan of Brunei or maybe Bill Gates.

  3. Metal Munky says:

    And if they will do my proposed scheme, I’m sure they will eat their competition for breakfast (sigurado, durog ang Sun and Globe).

  4. kev says:

    i think its a pretty good as long as it would not be too expensive and can be accessed by prepaid subscribers.

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