Movable Type 4.0 to Go Open Source

Realizing that one of the keys to the success of WordPress is the fact that it’s open source, blogging platform Movable Type is about to follow suit.

Moveable Type 4.0 is the first major release of Movable Type since MT 3.0 in 2004 and comes complete with a market disrupting announcement: SixApart will open source Movable Type before the end of the third quarter.

There’s a lot of history between MT users and SixApart. Although Movable Type was never an open source platform, prior to the release of MT 3.0 many treated MT as if it was open source. The decision to enforce licensing with the release of MT 3.0 caused widespread outrage in 2004 and in many ways was a tipping point that delivered WordPress from relative obscurity to being the popular blogging CMS it is today.

The stupid LiveJournal scandal aside, SixApart will have a lot of catching up to do. WordPress has superior features, a bigger user base, and a strong developer community. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead running software from the company that runs such n00b pits as LiveJournal and Vox.

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11 Comments on “Movable Type 4.0 to Go Open Source”
  1. Well, I’m not *certain*, but I think Yahoo, like any really big corporation is really slow to make changes. I have a client who was running MT3.2 on Yahoo SB and I managed to run a manual upgrade to get MT3.35 running. It was a bit of a hassle, but only because running the upgrade meant disabling Yahoo’s hooks, and getting to PHPMyAdmin through Yahoo’s control panel was virtually impossible. All in all, it can be done.

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