Makati is Flat in Google Earth

PBCom Tower in Google Earth

Okay, I know it’s the tallest in the Philippines, but that’s no reason PBCom Tower should be the only 3D building in Google Earth’s version of the country’s financial center, Makati City. C’mon, people, represent your businesses! With its recent updates, more and more people will be using Google Earth. Fire up Google SketchUp and get on the map!

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5 Comments on “Makati is Flat in Google Earth”
  1. GM Tristan says:

    No wonder I felt like a dwarf today in Pacific Star. Wahehehe


    GM T

  2. lol.. I agree with Mon..

    Hmm.. PBCom holds the tallest bldg in the Philippines today? How many years already?

  3. Mike Abundo says:

    Seven years now, JC. 🙂

    Hey, Mon, maybe the Pacific Star people would like to get on the map. 😉

  4. OOh… 7 years… Last thing I know RCBC broke Rufino tower’s record, that’s like dunno hehe… Im not even sure if RCBC Plaza was the one who broke the record of the Rufino tower.

    I’m so 80s in the news :p

  5. arnimation says:

    interesting.. now im starting to notice these things in makati

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