Oscars Pulled Off YouTube

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Clearly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has no fucking clue about the current state of motion picture arts and sciences. They’ve pulled Oscar clips YouTube, purportedly “to help manage the value of our telecast and our brand.”

So how do they accomplish this lofty purported goal? With a handful of crappy non-embeddable videos on their site, complete with autoplay annoyance ads, that’s how.

Frankly, the Academy is obsolete. In an age when viewer niches almost instantly decide what video content is best for them, we don’t need a bunch of old farts telling us what’s “best” for everyone. This pulldown is a desperate attempt on their part to maintain that illusion of control. All it does is push their beloved “brand” further into irrelevance.

As a viewer, I pay far more attention to YouTube Honors than Academy Awards. The Academy can go stick that golden statue up its ass.

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