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Friendster Throwing Bizarre Errors

Friendster Errors

Friendster, the once-hot social networking pioneer that’s long been overshadowed by Facebook and MySpace, has fallen upon hard times in recent years. Not only have they gained a reputation for unreliability, even their unreliability has fallen beneath the mainstream media’s radar. It’s gotten so bad that they’ve been unsuccessfully trying to shop themselves around in Asia.

Now Friendster’s homepage is throwing back all sorts of weird errors. Sometimes you’ll get gibberish, sometimes you’ll get a blank page, sometimes you’ll get foreign-language versions, and sometimes you’ll get pictures from random users’ profiles. I’ve been reloading the site over and over again just to see who I’d get.

Privacy concerns aside, this little social network meltdown roulette is both sad and amusing at once.

Tila Tequila Makes Twitter Trending Topics

Tila Tequila

She’s at it again, folks. Tila Tequila, the Asian-American model who’s reigned for years as the Queen of MySpace, now spreads her influence onto the next big social network: Twitter. After getting her followers to put an off-color hashtag on the Twitter trending topics — a stunt eventually censored by Twitter — she now gets more to the point. She’s encouraging her 196,184 followers to use the hashtag #followtila. Click here to continue reading “Tila Tequila Makes Twitter Trending Topics”…