Friendster Down. Who Cares?

Friendster DownFive million Filipinos can’t find their friends this morning, because Friendster is down. Jim Ayson’s contact at the social networking service says the downtime is due to a power outage at Friendster’s US data center.

To be fair, Friendster is trying to engage the local blogosphere in a key geographic market. Most of their users are in the Philippines, where I also happen to be based. They invited me to a roundtable with their marketing guy the other day, but I was too busy to come. Nevertheless, all the marketing in the world cannot make up for service outages.

Of course, Facebook is now the world’s number one social network, so we’ve still got that to keep up with our friends. I’m going to watch the traffic stats on this post to see if anyone still cares about Friendster.

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37 Comments on “Friendster Down. Who Cares?”
  1. Mike Abundo says:

    Friendster’s woes continue. Now their homepage is throwing out some pretty bizarre errors. 🙄

  2. GM Tristan says:

    I don’t open my friendster anymore. So I didn’t know. Sigh

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