Joker Cosplayer Shot Dead by Police

Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight

And I thought my jokes were bad.

A man dressed as Batman villain the Joker has been shot dead by police in America after pointing a loaded shotgun at them.

The dead man, who was said to be obsessed with the character, was wearing full costume and makeup when he was challenged by officers in a national park in Virginia, according to legal documents.

The FBI named him as army specialist Christopher Lanum, who was wanted as a suspect over the stabbing of a fellow soldier at Fort Eustis, a major army base in the state, several hours before. Lanum’s girlfriend, Patsy Ann Marie Montowski, who was with him when he was shot, told investigators that the soldier idolised the Joker, played in the most recent Batman film, The Dark Knight, by the late Heath Ledger.

Wonder if his girlfriend was dressed as Harley Quinn.

(Via Peter Walker.)

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5 Comments (with 1 Conversation) on “Joker Cosplayer Shot Dead by Police”
  1. Romeo says:

    I sympathize for this guy, but then again you don’t want to point a gun at the police, least of all a shotgun. That person must’ve had issues.

  2. Al says:

    Btw mike I’m not Al remigio. Its some other dude with the same first name.

  3. halokid says:

    I knew both of them…really awesome and funny people. I think that fifteen months in Iraq really did a number on him. I hate to see this happen to them and I was shocked.

Reply to Al