Tribune Co. CEO is an Idiot

Sam Zell

You can cite many reasons for the bankruptcy of the Chicago Tribune: the recession, the rise of the Internet, the fall of newspapers, et cetera. One reason I would like to cite is the idiocy of Tribune Co. CEO Sam Zell.

Let me take you back to April 2007, with this gem of a quote from Zell:

If all of the newspapers in America did not allow Google to steal their content, how profitable would Google be? Not very.

Yes, you read that right. This “media mogul” thinks Google “steals” from him.

Google is the king of search. Search is the dominant paradigm of media today. If you cannot be searched, you do not exist.

Sam Zell did not want the Chicago Tribune to be searched. Soon, the Chicago Tribune will not exist.

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5 Comments on “Tribune Co. CEO is an Idiot”
  1. soloista says:

    That’s weird. The Chicago Tribune comes up just fine.

  2. RAstaMONch says:

    Surely, he wouldn’t know about the Internet. Look at him, he’s old that he deserves to be in retirement already.

  3. Alfred Remigio says:

    The Internet STEALING from HIM? Maybe he just can’t pin the blame on anyone for his losses, so he uses it as a scapegoat. He prattles on like a decadent old fool, rotting on his bastion of old. The old bastard couldn’t even see through the Internet’s capabilities and the limitless possibilities that can turn the tables around for him, for fuck’s sake.

  4. MAF says:

    Fact is, as time passes, people only get dumber while pretending to get smarter.

  5. RAstaMONch says:

    Can somebody do the world a favor? Mind sending the old capitalist geezer to a retirement home or something?

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